How long does it take?

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Snake dance with various stitches and edges

A frequently asked question with no trivial answer. First of all don’t measure inches but count pins. Thicker or thinner yarn changes the size of the project, but not the amount of work. Secondly usually we don’t care and therefore don’t know.

However, to prepare a short introduction workshop, it is convenient to know what newbies can accomplish. These snakes took me an hour each. For a christmas workshop at the office I had two sessions of an hour each. More were interested than the three man and four woman who could be scheduled.

the tail has some tricks I did myself

I made the participants of the first session wind half of the bobbins. The hitch appeared to be rather difficult and took too much time of the real lace making. So lesson number one for me was to let the second session continue with the work of the first session. Two did so well with the cloth stitch I made them do the half stitch too. Lesson number two was not to hang the pairs in a rainbow. Lesson number tree: pricking the patterns and winding half of the bobbins already made me feel a kindergarten teacher, but for such a short workshop I should rather also do the first row myself.

A few more lessons for myself. The snake dance of Aase Nilsson had a higher cute factor and lesser bobbins than Christine Springet version. But the stronger bends made it more difficult to find the proper pinholes. I also dropped the additional twists in the head. They came too early in the pattern. One of the participants also got too little attention from me, so I discovered my own limits for the number of participants I can handle simultaneously. Taking everything in account the result wasn’t bad at all and it was fun to do.

This snake had no second participant

another one to be finished during lunch hours

When my preparations were finished I stumbled on remarks about the horror of lightweight pillows: they lack stability. I made lightweight ones because I had to transport them by bus. As a last minute fix I mounted some non-skid material on the bottom. It worked very well.


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