Dragonfly of Ulrike’s “Maikäfer, flieg”

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dragonflyThe header image of this blog is a fragment of my wire interpretation of Ulrike Löhr’s “Königslibelle” (dragonfly) from her booklet “Maikäfer, flieg”. I did it last summer with wire having a diameter of 0.1 mm (38 gauge) each. The wing length became about 25 cm / 10″.

I worked with doubled wire as I knew from experience that saves a lot of breaking without having to enlarge the pricking significantly. However, Ulrike designed the veins  in the wings as Venetian plaits (1, 2). That appeared to be virtually  impossible. The straight wires inside the plait tend to bend a little which each movement. As this bending occurs frequently at almost the same spot, metal fatigue causes the wire to break. So I kept distance while weaving, but thus the plaits lost their special effect.

The breaking occurred also with the big tallies, but here I could work around the problem by weaving the runner around support pins put almost flat into my pillow. With so little wire inside the weaver, I’m afraid the tallies are very fragile. Nevertheless they still survive though the wing is lying and moved around carelesly.

I consider to (let) make a body of ceramics or glass for a garden sculpture, but the wings failed to carry their own weight. Some day I have to retry again with a thicker wire as gimp on the circumference an within the Venetian plaits.

During the period of this experiment, I happened to capture a real dragonfly which adorns this page.


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