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May 10, 2014 at 12:47 pm | Posted in English | 9 Comments
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for seasons trees

Made these trees years ago, pattern by Lenka Suchanek


chestnuts for autumn and blossoms for spring

I never got around to frame the four trees and show them prominently. This week I found a nice 3D idea between glass sheets by Mechel Ensing. The challenge: How to overcome the thick trunks and weight of the eight sheets of glass. Any ideas?

The pattern was originally published in 1983 by Lenka Suchanek for personal use. Teativität shows how Lenka instructed to do the trunk. Some tend to attach the fringes later. Whatever method you choose, don’t use an edge pair on the inside: It creates an even stiffer less natural result.

The images below link to other shapes of the tree and my variant of the instructions with specified lengths to use left overs.

with instructions for leftovers slim variant with rounded top slimmer shape with a corner at the top



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  1. Hello, I’m found this tree couple weeks ago and really want to make one for my mother-in-low who loves genealogy (kind of simbol), but I not familiar with Torchon lace… I do Russian Vologda Bobin Lace. Where I can find tutorial on learning Torchon lace?

  2. Hello, I recently found on the Internet picture of this tree, and I really want to make it for my mother-in-low who does genealogy (kind of symbol), but I like this style of that tree more it doesn’t have pricking or tutorial, I’m not familiar with Torchon lace at all. I’m a Vologda lacer, so I’m familiar with lace…

  3. It would need some experimenting to combine what you want. The first examples that jump into my mind:
    Spiders at
    Fans under Torchon at
    though none do exactly match.
    Replace any footside on the inside with the fringe instructions of the pdf
    under the left thumbnail at the bottom of my article.

    To get a grid for your custom design with your own pin distances you may try

    There should be more elsewhere. You will find very help-full ladies at and

  4. The cheapest options would be if still available, otherwise try or All give you more than you are asking for. Or consult the ladies at and

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