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In a discussion how to attract younger generations to lace making Katelyn wrote: “teach design along with the lace making itself. No young person I know would be satisfied just knowing how to follow existing patterns, or recreating old lace. Teach what’s needed to modify, combine, and create new patterns, and we will.”

To illustrate modifying, I got inspired by an ancient piece of Torchon posted the other day by Nathalie. I isolated two fragments. Wouldn’t these motives be nice pendants? Replace at least the gimp with wire.



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  1. although I like it, only the Gimp to replace metal or other ideas do not,, renewing “the Tecniek itself might otherwise Torchon by another thread variation to make.
    But that was already invented by others. Nice work, but not innovative.

    greetings Marianne de Wit.

  2. Misschien begrijp ik je beter in de moedertaal van ons beiden. Misschien ben ik ook te kort door de bocht gegaan, te weinig over de achtergrond van zowel de discussie als mijn bedoeling.

    Updated the article slightly in an attempt to make it clearer.

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