Adapt bobbins for wire lace

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Starting to wind wire on a bobbin may cause trouble. A hole in the bobbin as shown below may help.

Each bend in wire is a step towards metal fatigue and breaking. With a wider neck, the wire bends less.

Alternatives for the hitch
The usual hitch would mean a lot of repetitive tight bends and is thus a no go. Various solutions for this problem are invented. For example umbrella shaped bobbins, top hooks, side hooks, butterfly clamps (on the left) and mounted sewing machine bobbins like fly fish tying tools and wire pencils.

My favourite solution to tie-off
My favourite design is by Rosemary Shepherd. A variant was spotted in Mirecourt in 2010. My personal variant is shown and discussed below.

Two saw cuts on can be handy when you mistook the winding direction: just turn the bobbin upside down. You could also put two types of wire on a single bobbin for temporal additional storage. There is however a draw back: more cuts where threads can sneak into while they shouldn’t.

Start the saw cut perpendicular as shown above, finish the saw cut with a smooth angle as shown below. The wire thus exits the bobbin with a smooth curve and thus has less chance to weaken due to repetitive movements.

For wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm or more, the finishing of the wood is not very important. For the 0.06 diameter used in my first post, it appeared a smooth finishing is important.



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  1. Thanks Jay for sending me Rosemary Shepherd’s article. I updated the article with a proper link and more details about my variant.

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  3. replaced image of mounted sewing machine bobbins by links

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